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"Training is used as a means to discover yourself, what you are capable of, and surpass your limitations."

-James Bullock

Athlete Training
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Athletes Training
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We love training!!!


Our passion for training is what led us to build this website -- an extension of our local business -- so that we could reach as many people as possible!


What are we training for?


A better question is what are you training for?


Our Warrior Athletes range from professional athletes to people who just want to get into better shape.


No matter what your goals are the Warrior Sciences coaches at The Forge can help you!


'We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.' Archilochus 





"I owe my recent and continued success to James Bullock. After two and a half years of training with James, I have three-peated as World Champion and have simultaneously held all eight of the World Records. I am also hitting LIFETIME personal bests in the gym each ‘off season’."

Terri Ventress

"Everything James does has a purpose. I have been working out with a purpose for 35 weeks. I no longer get lost in the gym, or get off track, 'cause I know why I’m there, and what I’m doing." 

Nick Kahanic

"I was struggling with Olympic lifts and also needed a little pick me up in the conditioning department. I went to the Forge and James was patient but yet very straight forward. He pushed me farther than I would push myself. He has changed my training and ability to get better at CrossFit everyday. If you are needing help in the anatomy of Olympic lifting. James at the Forge is the best in the business. Also he has some of the best conditioning classes you will find in the area!!"

Chris Endicott

James Bullock

Owner and Coach

902 E 4th St

Joplin, Mo 64801

Tel: 417-208-6785

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