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"When I began training with James, I had never followed any gym routine. I had very minimal guidance in the gym on do's and dont's, mostly involving basic form for the squat, bench, and deadlift. I believe my total was an astonishing ~900lbs. James has coached me remotely for six years, with a bunch of in person sessions sprinkled in over the years.


My most recent gym total was 1420lbs, so in six years I've averaged an 86.66lb increase to my total per year. Outside of just helping increase my total James has truly taught me how to train. He has corrected my squat, bench, and deadlift form through hundreds of videos sent back and forth, and has shown me things I didn't think my body was capable of. It took me almost four years of training to hear the words "Nice squat" if that tells you anything about his standard of excellence.


James has answered questions from me spanning all realms of life and training, he is far more than a great coach, he's in general a wonderful addition to your lifes cheering section."

Michaell Langston - Competitive Powerlifter, Highland Games Athlete

"I was in definite need of help when I heard about James.  I wanted to be a stronger more explosive thrower, but I was doing my same old workout not having much of an idea how to get there. 


James not only writes my programs but listens to how my training is going and is able to change my program as needed.  Since training with James, I’ve been able to achieve 5 World Championships in the Highland Games along with numerous world records in 3 different divisions, and I currently hold all the world records in every event one division.  


James and I work remotely but he always makes himself accessible, there are times I have had tons of questions ranging on different subjects, that he has always been there to answer.  He is also the first person to tell you congratulations on hitting a new lifting PR, a win at a competition or a record."


Teresa Nystrom - 5 time Highland Games World Champion and Highland Games World Record Holder

Do you want to be BUFF, RIPPED, SWOLE, or JACKED? Well, no trainer is going to get you there if you aren’t willing to WORK. Do you want to be STRONG, FAST, POWERFULL and able to bust down walls like the Kool-Aid man? OH YEA! Well, that fat red man has drywall swirling around his insides from destroying people's homes.


Let me introduce you to James. He could bust down a wall, but unless he is breaching and entering, he will use a door like a civilized person. If you are going to put in the work, James can help you achieve any realistic goals you could have. Do you want to step on the powerlifting platform, lock yourself in the octagon, toss cabers, or just look good in a bathing suit? James can get you there. Be realistic, it won't happen overnight it takes time and consistent effort, but you will improve.


I have been training with James for about three years and I still see weekly gains. In the last three years, I have hit and surprised multiple personal records and seen the number of workout-related injuries drop to next to nothing. I would recommend James to anyone looking for strength or combative training.

Shane Thomas, Highland Games athlete, and Military Veteran

"Prior to training with James, I had basically trained on my own since I played college football in the mid 80s. Knowing the basics of weight training, I was able to gain strength at some times more than others, but had no real plan or consistency for that matter.

In the world we live in today with seeming endless content on the Internet, not to mention social media coming hard at us every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much information out there on the topic of fitness. I’ve been there, to the point I was stymied way longer than I should have been. But as they say, “You can’t steer a parked car.” 

About 7 years ago, I reached out to James at the recommendation of a fellow Highland Games athlete. He put together a series of protocols for me, including the core power lifts, accessories, and HIIT. It quickly became evident to me that his knowledge of periodization and cyclic weight training was exceptional. He understands that all of his clients are unique and may require variations. He’s a student of weight training methodologies and is always honing his craft.  He incorporates time-proven methods from a variety of sources into his training protocols for his clients.

As a result, I’ve obtained lifetime PRs in both bench press and deadlift - all achieved past the age of 45. I’ve also competed in 4 obstacle/mud type runs within the past year, which as a larger/older athlete I could never have imagined myself doing."

While Coach Bullock is definitely an imposing figure, I can say unequivocally that he is one of the most intelligent, giving, and kindest individuals I’ve ever known. I’m proud to call him my coach, mentor, and friend. I highly recommend his Online Coaching.

Kyle Fuller, Highland Games Athlete and Personal Trainer

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