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Joy and Suffering

This is one of the fun workouts I like to throw in my training occasionally.

Do each movement for 1min. Rest is programmed after 8 min of work. The goal should be to repeat this 6 times but most will need to progressively work up to that. Start with 2 to 3 rounds or do lower intensity for 6 rounds and progressively increase the intensity.

  1. Max reps of a Row (Barbell, TRX, Inverted Body Weight Row, Cable, Band) 

  2. Max reps of a Press (Push Press, Bench Press, Push-Ups, DB Bench, Floor Press)

  3. Max reps of a Hip Ext (Deadlift,  RDL, Kettlebell swing, Bridging variation)

  4. Max reps of a Squat (Air Squat, BB Squat, Goblet, Front Squat, Any squat variation)

  5. Max reps of Ab flexion (Any Ab flexion movement)

  6. Max reps of Ab rotation right (Any Ab rotational movement)

  7. Max reps of Ab rotation left

  8. Plank Hold with maximal full body contraction for a minimum of 30 seconds (goal is full min)

Rest 2 to 3 min

Repeat 3 to 6 times  

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