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Price of Admission

Need to focus on your recovery work more?

Need more reps on a particular skill?

Need to add more training volume on a specific body part?

Then I would suggest using a concept I call Price of Admission.

Let's say you need more hip mobility work but you keep neglecting to do it while you are at the gym.

Here's a couple of ways to use the Price of Admission concept to fix that.

Idea 1

  • Every time you enter the gym you do at minimum one hip mobility movement no matter what you are scheduled to train that day.

Idea 2

  • Every time you get home from work the first thing you do before you do anything else is one hip mobility movement.

Idea 3

  • When you get out of bed in the morning do one hip mobility drill.

Idea 4

  • If you are on a day off from work and at home most of the day you can do one hip mobility drill every time you go in or out a particular room.

Just out of those 4 ideas there is no excuse at all to not be able to do something you want or need to do for your training or recovery.

The age-old excuse of not having time is sometimes used by people that believe you must commit a specific chunk of time doing a particular task. For certain goals, it is optimal to commit longer amounts of time to elicit a proper training effect. There are however many things in the training world that are about simply doing the repetitions/drills and not necessarily about the density of the work.

Since I have the luxury of owning my gym I always have something that I am working on with the Price of Admission Concept. It allows me to get more total training/practice or recovery work done in a given week.

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